It can get expensive to replace the rubber seals used on dryer drum mixers in asphalt plants, but Albarrie has an innovative, cost-effective solution:


AlSeal™ restricts air entry and heat escape in and out of the drum while aggregates pass through it. Unlike ordinary rubber gaskets, which require frequent replacement and are overly rigid, AlSeal™ dryer drum seals have the ability to compress without leaving gaps – even when uneven surfaces or slight warping of the flange occurs.

Our nonwoven and woven fabrics are successfully used in a wide variety of challenging applications. Our engineering capabilities, enable us to design a fabric specific to your individual process and equipment needs.

Kevlar, felt pads

AlSeal™  dryer drum seals are custom fabricated to fit and operate on all dryer drum mixers from ambient temperatures up to 500°C (932°F). Unlike fragile rubber seals, Albarrie dryer drum seals will never become brittle or crystallized when exposed to heat or cold.

Many asphalt producers have achieved a 5-year service life from AlSeal™ dryer drum seals when compared to just a year for typical rubber seals. Our seals will even last on portable plants that have been dismantled and assembled as many as five times in a season.


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