Cement Industry Case Study

Eastern Canada Cement Plant – Cement Kiln Success

A large cement producer located in eastern Canada was having major issues with their kiln emission controls. They were having to replace their kiln’s membrane fibreglass filter bags every 6 months, which was proving to be extremely costly and greatly affecting the operating costs of production.

After careful process assessments and fabric selection, the recommendation to use Albarrie’s Meteor™ Basalt Spark Resistant fabric was given. After installing the first set of Albarrie’s Meteor™filter bags, immediate and drastic results were seen, including excellent opacity readings and a recorded pressure drop of 3 inches. More importantly, the filter bag life in the kiln increased from 6 months to over 27 months and is still in operation.

Albarrie has also seen its Meteor™ Basalt [link to Meteor™] products operating for 1.5 years at 575°-600°F in Clicker Cooler applications.

Construction Industry Highlights

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We at Albarrie are well aware of the limitations and specific needs of the concrete production industry. We are the major supplier of filter bags to this industry worldwide. We are also aware that success demands a certain versatility and high standard of product and performance. Quite simply, we make a better filter. Our success in the production of industrial concrete dust collection equipment is evident in all areas of concrete production, from crushing to bulk loading and packaging.

Metal Industry Case Study

US Steel Plant – Electric Arc Furnace

A major steel manufacturing plant was experiencing severe problems effectively managing operating costs while maintaining emission compliance. This was directly caused by sparks damaging their filters, which resulted in continuous spot replacements of failing filter bags.

They were using a variety of media to try and combat this issue, including: polyester, polyester membrane, Aramid and Aramid membrane–none of which were rectifying the problem.

Albarrie carefully examined and analyzed the challenging process and suggested using spark- resistant Meteor™ Basalt Filter Bags.

The dust collection unit instantly saw excellent opacity readings, pressure drop of 5 inches, and the life span of their filters increased to 48 months.

Needless to say, Albarrie’s Meteor™ Basalt solution offered the spark-resistant, high temperature and abrasion-resistant capabilities that the process called for. More importantly, the operation was able to run at full capacity without constant system failures and delays caused by filter bag wear and emissions compliance concerns.




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