Prevent Emissions & Improve Operations

Particulate filtration systems, such as baghouses and cartridge dust collectors, are critical for industrial productivity and process control. They are equally important for employee health, plant safety, and compliance with EPA and OSHA regulations.

Albarrie Environmental Services is pleased to offer particulate monitoring technology. This product line prevents excess emissions and related problems by providing reliable low-level particulate monitoring, early warning leak detection, better control, and real-time diagnostics of filtration systems. Improvements to operations and a fast return on investment are available through a range of benefits.

Particulate Monitoring & Control Solutions for Dust Collectors & Baghouses
Albarrie sells a Particulate Monitoring Control Solution - DynaCharge

Benefits of Particulate Filtration Monitoring & Control


  • Analyze performance and diagnose problems
  • Control airflow and differential pressure
  • Optimize filtration efficiency
  • Maximize production rate
  • Prevent loss of valuable powders

2. Operating and Maintenance Costs

  • Prevent unforeseen downtime and cleanups
  • Minimize compressed air and energy use
  • Extend filter life, lowering replacement costs
  • Protect downstream equipment (Blowers, Vacuum Pumps, HEPAs, Turbines, Oxidizers)

3. EPA Compliance, Health and Safety

  • Prevent out-of-compliance emissions
  • Avoid fines, shutdowns, and lawsuits
  • Limit entry to dirty confined spaces
  • Reduce personnel exposure to hazardous PM
  • Ensure hazardous dust pickup/prevent dust accumulation

4. Engineering and Support

  • Keep internal resources focused
  • Take advantage of turn-key, proven solutions
  • Solve issues quickly with industry experts

5. Product Range

  • To cover varying process conditions, regulations, and budgets, Albarrie offers a full range of proven products.
  • Particulate monitors include simple lower-cost detectors to high-performance measuring instruments. Controls include basic and diagnostic controllers to comprehensive large-scale control systems.
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