Albarrie can supply you with manufacturer filter change out components, or custom designed filter bag change-out components, to increase service life and performance. It is imperative that the replacement components we provide meet your operating parameters and our strict quality standards. We sell the following dust collector parts: industrial filters, baghouse door seal, cages & venturis, solenoids, diaphragm valves, repair kits, timer boards, pressure gauges, caps & hooks, and UV lamps.


Albarrie’s door seal is specifically designed to stop air leaks, create system efficiency and save you money!

Our dust collector specialists realized that many baghouses had an inadequate seal on their doors, causing many problems, like: emission failure, increased energy consumption and reduced production times. Albarrie created an innovative solution that not only eliminates these problems, but is easy to install and cost-effective.

Albarrie‘s door seal is composed of a fabric strip with an adhesive component that allows for easy installation.

Advantages of Albarrie’s Door Seal include:

  • It will not become brittle or crystallize as fragile rubber seals do.
  • Can operate in all baghouses, with ambient temperatures up to 260°C (500°F).
  • Remains in place once seal is made and pressure is applied.
  • Cures onto the metal surface when exposed to heat.
  • Is custom fabricated for use on any baghouse door.

Cages & Venturis

We can supply cages made from a variety of materials including:

  • Carbon steel
  • Galvanized
  • Stainless Steel
  • Epoxy Coated
  • Special finishes, such as epoxy coated, are available to protect in moisture, chemical or acidic conditions.

Venturis add to the cleaning efficiency of an air filtration pulse-jet baghouse by directing air out into the bag and by providing a better pulsing action. Albarrie offers a variety of styles and sizes for top removal cages. We can supply spun aluminum, cast iron, galvanized and stainless steel venturis and hubs.

Dust Collector Parts - Cages & Venturis
Dust Collector Parts -solenoids, diaphragm valves, & repair kits

Solenoids & Diaphragm Valves, & Repair Kits

Albarrie offers nearly all types of replacement diaphragm valves, diaphragm valve repair kits, solenoid valves, and solenoid valve repair kits.

The major brands we offer include:

  • Goyen™
  • ASCO™
  • Taeha™
  • Mecair™
  • Turbo™

Timer Boards

Albarrie stocks a broad range of highly reliable and flexible timer boards for air filtration systems designed to drive the air valves used in the cleaning cycles on any pulse jet.

From basic continuous timer boards to technically advanced sequential timer boards, which incorporate pressure switch controls and automatic blow downs, we can meet all air filtration market requests.

Filter Sense Timer Board Available at Albarrie - Dust Collector Parts
Dust Collector Parts - Timer Board

Aggressive ROI reported w/ the following money-saving benefits:

  • Reduce operating & maintenance expenses
  • Identify a leaking row, a failed solenoid or a problematic diaphragm instantly
  • Optimized cleaning will pulse only when required reducing compressed air usage by 50% – 85%
  • Extend bag life 50% – 100% with optimized control; minimize bag-wearing cleaning cycles
Dust Collector Parts - Pressure Gauges

Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges for air filtration systems are used to measure air velocity, fan and blower pressures, filter resistance, and differential pressures of air or compatible gases in your dust collector.

Albarrie offers both Magnehelic® and Photohelic® pressure gauges.

Caps & Hooks

Albarrie can supply replacement caps for reverse air baghouse maintenance. We offer various sizes and types.

Depending on your needs, we also offer all types and styles of clamps or hooks if you need to install filter bags for your baghouse.
Dust Collector Parts - Caps & Hooks
Dust Collector Parts - UV Lights & UV Lamps

UV Lamps

Albarrie can supply you with the UV light, used in conjunction with leak detection powder, to detect filter bag leaks.

The powerful lights we supply are designed to help maintenance personnel quickly and to easily find leaks in any dust collection unit.

We offer a full range of UV lamps, from inexpensive compact handheld UV lamps to more technically advanced ones.

Let us know your requirements and we’ll supply you with the appropriate UV lamp!



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