Asphalt Industry | Filter Bag Cleaning Service (HEC)

“We Lafarge, were preparing one of our portable bag houses for the summer season and had concerns of a coating of RAP on the filter bags. A used bag was removed and sent to Albarrie for testing. The bag had low “as received” flow values. New bags were being considered for the baghouse to have a trouble free production season. Albarrie explained their new HEC service to us and we decided to try it. They cleaned the filter bags, “Insitu” and brought the old bags back near to new flow values. The service took a day! We would consider using the HEC service during the season to overcome any upsets that may interfere with production.”

– Lafarge Construction Dave Henderson, Asphalt Sup’t.

“In preparation for a stack emissions testing at two BMC asphalt plants, Albarrie was contacted for pricing on new bags. During conversation, Albarrie explained the HEC cleaning service. We at BMC decided to use the service rather than buy new bags. Resulting was a 50%+ savings, and service at both plants was completed in several hours. The bags were cleaning to new flow levels. Due to Albarrie’s cooperation with our schedule, we experienced no loss in production. Thus, when future problems arise, I will consider HEC cleaning service.”

-Jim Chenoweth, Lead Asphalt Sup’t.
Better Materials Corporation, Western Division


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