Albarrie Environmental Services offers a full range of filters, ready for integration with your current process.

A fabric filter consists of a porous flexible layer of textile material through which a dusty gas is passed to separate particles from the gas stream. As particles accumulate, resistance to gas flow increases. Deposits are removed periodically by vigorous cleaning of the cloth to maintain the pressure drop across the filter within practical operating limits.

Pulse Jet Bags

The term “reverse jet” is used to describe this dust collector system. Pulse jet bags are composed of a fabric filter in which the collected dust particles are removed from the filter media by means of a jet of compressed air that sets up a shockwave, flexing the filter bags and dislodging the dust particles.

Pulse Jet Filter Bag Characteristics

  • Hangs from the floor onto a cage, and collects dust on the outside of the bag
  • Air is pulsed through the outside of the filter bag, blowing the dust off
Filter bag

Reverse Air Bags

Much like the Shaker style dust collector system, the reverse air-style baghouse filters from the inside out. However, unlike the shaker-style, which shakes the filter particulates from the media, the reverse air bags remain in place.

By placing the chamber under negative pressure, the system then brings air back through the filter media from the clean side. The effect collapses the filter bags causing particulates to disengage and fall into the hopper for collection.

Reverse Air Bag Characteristics

  • Hangs from roof, i.e. cap, and hooks [link to caps & hooks] onto the floor
  • Dirty air comes in from the bottom, and the fabric bag collects dust on the inside
  • Damper is closed and air is reversed (comes in from top) and sucks dust down

Shaker Bags

This dust collection system is coined as a “shaker-style” baghouse because it cleans the fabric filter bags by some type of shaking or agitation of the filter media.

Shaker Bag Characteristics

  • Hangs from the roof, collects dust on the inside
  • Usually made of woven fabric materials for flexibility, so that they shake easier
  • Set by tension so that the filter bag doesn’t develop wrinkles
  • Come in loop top or tab top options


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