Albarrie is the established leading manufacturer of fabrics and filters for industrial liquid and water filtration systems and applications. We provide filter media and replacement filters for:

  • Belt Filters
  • Disc Filters
  • Pressure Tube Filters
  • Rotary Drum filters
  • Filter Presses
  • Candle Filters

Our nonwoven and woven fabrics are successfully used in a wide variety of challenging applications. Our engineering capabilities, enable us to design a fabric specific to your individual process and equipment needs.

Each application is carefully and individually assessed to ensure the correct balance of operational requirements are satisfied. We take the time to study process parameters, including: temperature, pH, particle distribution, chemical composition and feed flow rate. We obtain a product/slurry sample and test against a variety of filter fabrics in our in-house laboratory. All this is completed to ensure exemplary filtration that is suited to your specific process and equipment requirements.

To maximize the performance of your process we strive to provide:

  • A drier and thicker filter cake
  • Reduced solids in filtrate
  • Increased overall production
  • Reduced operating costs


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